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Gather Ratings from Visitors

WebsiteGear rating tool allows websites to add interactivity and gather ratings from their visitors. Ratings are fully customizable with your own logo, color & font choices, layouts, expiry dates and more. It takes only a few minutes to add a rating to your website using the web-based interface. Click on 'Create A Demo Rating' button below to try a free demo.

Check Customization: Web ratings are fully customizable with font and background colors, font size, font face, width and more.
Check No Restrictions: - Unlimited number of web rating groups per account.
- Unlimted number of ratings per rating group.
Check Easy To Use: - Web-based user interface allows you to create a web rating in minutes.
- Simple HTML code provided that needs to be added to your website.
- Manage multiple web ratings from a single login.
- View statistics of your ratings from your account view.
- Set rating data, allows easy transfer of ratings from other sites.
Check Display & Usage: - Compact ratings are fully integrated into your website. See example on the left.
- Retain your customers. Your customers will not leave your site for voting.
- Pop-up result pages match your rating settings including option for background color.
- More options for no pop-up or pop-up windows to view results.
- Access to rating display HTML code allowing full customization (e.g. adding pictures instead of text).
- Users do not have to login to rate on your site.
- Choice of a results link on the rating.
- Hide results from voters, show a custom message instead.
Check Tracking: Disallow multiple ratings by one user by using rating tracking. Poll tracking implemented by cookies.
Check Expiration: You can set the date for rating expiration. No ratings will be counted after that date.
Check Archive: - Archive ratings that have expired or not active.
- Retrieve HTML code for archived ratings and display on your site.